Agile Electric Sit / Stand Desk

Maximum Health, Maximum Productivity.

Sit / Stand desks are the best of both worlds. By standing at your desk, you are cutting into your sitting time and the associated harmful effects of sitting disease and metabolic syndrome. The option to also sit prevents the fatigue from being on your feet all day.

The double-sided workstation configuration allows two facing users to individually adjust the height of their workstation to their preference.

Overload operation protection
Electronic screen discplaying exact
height with 4 preset height settings
Double rail support for extra stability and strength
Wide base foot and leveller for adjustment

Merit’s Price

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Agile Electric
Sit / Stand Desk

Ergonomic Height Adjustable
2-Person Workstation

The Agile Electric allows you to move up or down a level at the flick of a switch and enables your office workspace the ability to adapt to suit multiple users.

Have a look at our ergonomic desk calculator to see how best to calibrate your desk for your body.

Features & Specifications


48″w x 24″d
48″w x 30″d
60″w x 24″d
60″w x 30″d
72″w x 24″d
72″w x 30″d

Height range: 25” – 44”
Load capacity: 225 lbs.
Height adjustment speed: 1”/second
Gross weight: 80 lbs.
White Powdercoat

Additional Images and Diagrams

Back view of optional rear divider panel and cable management tray

Measurements, side view

Measurements, bottom view