Agile Winder Sit / Stand Desk
Back-to-Back, Crank-Adjust

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Agile Winder
Sit / Stand Desk

Ergonomic Height Adjustable
Double-Sided Desk

Simple, Efficient

Sit/Stand desks are the best of both worlds. By standing at your desk, you are cutting into your sitting time and the associated harmful effects of sitting disease and metabolic syndrome. The option to also sit prevents the fatigue from being on your feet all day.

The Agile Winder is for offices that want the benefits of Sit/Stand systems, at a lower price point than electric models.

Your Agile Winder will go from sitting to standing with about 35 turns of the crank. Your desk will raise or lower exactly 5mm per turn, and you can set your desk heights by turning the crank a predetermined amount of turns.

The Agile Winder feature a well-balanced design that minimizes load-imbalance issues that can affect manual sit/stand desks and makes moving your desk a snap.

Have a look at our ergonomic desk calculator to see how best to calibrate your desk for your body.

Features & Specifications


  • 48″w x 24″d
  • 48″w x 30″d
  • 60″w x 24″d
  • 60″w x 30″d
  • 72″w x 24″d
  • 72″w x 30″d

Wide base foot and leveler for adjustment

Height range: 23″ – 48″

Winder speed – 5 mm/turn

Winder height adjustable 27″-45″ (includes work surface)

25 mm work surfaces finished in White melamine on E0 grade
substrate with matching PVC edge

Double rail support for extra stability and strength

White Powdercoat