Executive Bow Front Desk

Merit Summit 1

Merit Summit 1

Power Meetings and Paperwork

The Merit Summit 1 is a Bow Front Office desk that features rounded approach sides and an elegant curved client-side overhang that is very helpful in meetings. Your coworkers and clients will be able to use the overhang to move in closer and comfortably take notes and go over paperwork with you.

The bow design also gives you more room to do your paperwork, and with 18” of depth from the front of the desk to the privacy panel, there is generous leg room for you to comfortably work.


Merit’s Price

36x60 Bow - $300
36/42x72 - $400

Features & Specifications


  • available in 2 sizes: 30/36×60 & 36/42x 72


  • Full Modesty panel
  • 25mm top and sides
  • adjustable floor levelling glides provides 1/2″ angle and height adjustment
  • Assembly service available
  • Standard configuration has no drawers on desk side. Drawer pedestals available
  • keyboard trays available

Resources for You

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