Racetrack Style Conference Tables

Merit Conference Tables

Collaborate in Style

Our racetrack-style conference tables are designed with smooth curves to allow everyone to sit comfortably around the table. There is ample overhang around the table’s sturdy H-base that, combined with the table’s inward-curved legs, provides excellent leg-room and personal space for everyone seated. This table has been designed with your devices in mind – each person has enough room for their laptops, notepads, papers, power cables, and mugs – all without any problem clutter.

It also features two central cable grommets will allow you to connect power/usb grommets or run cables for desktop projectors, teleconferencing equipment, etc.

Covid-19 Note:

We expect that the conventional notions about how teams will collaborate in work environments will change in a post-corona world. ┬áIf you are implementing Social Distancing protocols in your workspace, expect to increase the space between seats from 30″ to at least 42″ with staggered positioning on facing seats. These numbers assume that users would wear face protection. Keep in mind that these numbers are only estimates.

Merit’s Price

Starting at $400.00

HTML Table

Size Minimum Room Size Seats Price
6' x 3' 14' x 11' 4-6 $400.00
8' x 4' 16' x 12' 6-8 $550.00
10' x 4' 18' x 12' 8-10 $900.00

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